Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Final Blog Post

       The artist I did research on was Henri Matisse. Matisse was known for his involvement in Fauvism. As I looked up some of his artwork for the paper, I found many paintings of women and his wife. Therefore, I knew I wanted to incorporate a women's face. Additionally, towards the end of his career he did cut outs as artwork. For my artist response project, I did a cut out piece with implied lines of a face. I think this image is a great response to something Matisse would make. Although his cutouts were not typically of human figures, his older work was. Therefore I collaborated the two together.

Visual Analysis

       The denotative meaning shows implied lines as the face. The color scheme is analogous and the I believe the yellow helps make the face pop as well as creating all the other colors come together. The focal point of the piece is the face, and then the pieces of paper around it allows for a spiral eye path.The connotative meaning is light and happy. The colors are all bright (just like the Fauvists did) and the face is not smiling or frowning. The face is at rest and content. The ideological meaning is that there is much chaos in the world, but if we remain calm and remember what is important in life, we will find happiness.


       This class showed me many different techniques I can use to create art. It also showed me that I am more creative than I thought I was. This class is very different than anything else offered at Loyola, and I think all of the projects taught me to bring out my creative side. I can definitely use this in the future. I'm hoping to be a speech-language pathologist. If I work with kids, I can use my creativity and the skills I've learned to create a fun therapy session or even a fun arts and crafts assignment.

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