Thursday, April 13, 2017

Postmodern Mixed Media: Visual Analysis

"There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world" - Jean Baudrillard

       The composition is a spiral. The eye will start in the middle with all the clowns and then move around the edges with the animals, pumpkins, candy corn, "No Eggs" sign, and lastly "Revenge of the Kids" sign. The color scheme is analogous. The colors go from orange, light orange, yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, and to light green. The reason behind the colors is because it's a Halloween theme, therefore I wanted to start with the color orange. I felt that the postmodernism aspect comes into play when I add many different colors that don't make much sense. Although they match, it's a lot of colors and it makes the piece a little overwhelming. With the pictures added, the blue background helps them pop out.
       I believe that the most difficult part about the project was deciding where to place each picture. I first cut out all of the pictures individually and placed them around the bristol paper, but then decided I wanted to show some of the work I did on photoshop. It was difficult deciding where my arrangements would make the most sense.

Visual Analysis

       The denotative meaning behind this piece helps the viewer understand the meaning. The focal point are the clusters of clowns in the middle. The color scheme, as stated above, is analogous. This all helps with the meaning of the artwork. The clowns help the viewer know that this piece is supposed to be about Halloween, so there may be a scary meaning behind it. The color scheme starts with orange because of Halloween, but eventually turns into green. This throw off the piece. Additionally, the blue background behind the pictures throws off the colors presented in the background.
       The connotative meaning is relating to Halloween and the pranks that teens pull on "mischief night" and the "fun" pranks that happen around Halloween time. The emotions in this piece are multiple things such as creepy, scared, mischief, and fun. It has all of these feelings because Halloween is a fun holiday, however it can be scary because of all the pranks pulled during this time of year. Next is the ideological meaning. Depending on your age and how much one likes Halloween depends on how they feel about this piece. A child might find Halloween to be fun or scary; while an adult may either love or hate getting dressed up on Halloween. As a teenager, one may love pulling pranks. The ideological meaning behind this postmodern piece is that minors play pranks on adults during this time of year. They TP houses, throw eggs, sneak up on others, and many more different pranks. The scary clowns, TP house, silly pumpkin, and many other pictures in the piece show the "prank" aspect of Halloween.

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