Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Postmodernism: 3 readings

Frederic Jameson:

  • Interesting article because I knew exactly what picture was being referred to as I was reading.
  • It was a difficult read. There are some concepts and words that I'm not familiar with.
    • Describing the picture as having flatness or depthness
    • Photographic negative in contemporary art
    • How they tied in the concept of "death"
  • Prevalent points in the article
    • "High-modernist and postmodernist moment" between the shoes of Van Gough and Andy Warhol
Jean Baudrillard:
  • Disneyland has many illusions and phantasms
  • The park is filled with fun things, but when you think about it: much of the day is made up of getting there, being there in the giant parking lot, and lining up awaiting your turn for entry
  • Disneyland is a childish place, but was thought of from a grown man: Walt Disney
  • Things that confused me:
    • Objective profile of the US can be found through Disneyland 
    • Disney land is imaginary to make us believe that the rest is real
    • Hyperreal
  • The usage of the word "real" was very confusing to me. It was used too many times in the same sentence, which caused me to become very lost and confused.
Postmodernism Introduction:
  • Talking about different cultures
  • "Postmodern artists, just like the explorers of past centuries, simply plunge into the unknown and then try to represent it"
  • They take notes of the new mix of messages, symbols, cultures, and media and then create something that reflects to postmodern condition.
  • Jean Baudrillard: shows that people are so wrapped up in the media, TV, and electronics. The cord is stabbing the person in the neck, kind of like what a vampire does. The cord leaves two "teeth" marks. It's almost like TV shows consumed this person, because a fake monster has attacked them. Just like something you'd see in the movies.
  • Hyperreality: an order of representation that is not the unreal, but has replaced 'reality' and is more than real.

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