Thursday, March 23, 2017

Julio Fine Arts Gallery #2


         This piece stuck out to me the most out of all the pottery in the gallery. It's called "Boetian Cup" which was purchased from Robert Hecht. The description says that it's too heavy to be a cup, and it was more likely to be used as a grave offering. Because it was made to be a grave offering, it must be a special item. The reason why this pottery stuck out to me the most is because of the colors. A lot of the pottery had dark colors and images on it. However, this piece had calming colors to it such as the sandy color and the light brown. Also, I felt it was interesting to put this pottery on a mirror. This way, it's easy to see details that were carved into the bottom instead of having to lean over and look. This piece jumped out at me right when I walked into the gallery.

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