Thursday, March 23, 2017

George Kubler

       This reading was very difficult for me to understand. The paragraphs describing "Individual Entrances" was especially difficult for me. Kubler was describing that writing a biography on an artist can't solely focus on their life before their art work started. It's important to write about their development as an artist and how they came to be. However, the analogy about the railroad tracks is where I became lost. Kubler said that talking about the artist's biography is like talking about a traveler on one railroad track and disregarding all the others. This makes sense to me, however when Kubler introduces the idea of the tracks extending in different directions, I become very confused.
       I also like the part where Kubler talked about talent. He says that talented people begin at a younger age and master the tradition of art. This is something that makes sense to me. To become a talented artist requires the person to go through years of experience and critiques. The more experienced the artist is, means the more talented the artist is. This is something that is relatable in everyday life. The more experience someone is exposed to in a certain area creates this person to master it. For example, someone who is new at teaching is not exposed to situations that may throw them off guard. This doesn't mean the teacher is unsuccessful or untalented, but they haven't practiced or mastered the "art" of teaching. Meanwhile, a more experienced teacher has been exposed to numerous situations which means that this teacher has mastered the "art" of teaching.
      Although this article was about the biography of an artist. I still think it can connect to other occupations.

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