Friday, January 27, 2017

Baltimore Museum of Art

Still Life with Pitcher and Plate by Félix Vallotton

Group of Artists by Marie Laurencin                         

Anemones and Chinese Vase by Henri Matisse      

       My favorite work of art was Still Life with Pitcher and Plate by Félix Vallotton. The photo taken does not show how incredible this painting is. The reason why I picked it is because when I first saw it, it did not look like a painting at all. The painting looked like a photo. The more I looked at it from a distance, the more it looked like an actual photo taken. When I went up close, I saw smooth paintbrush strokes. However, these strokes were not apparent unless I went up close to this painting. Not only did that aspect of the art work strike me, but also the shape of the pitcher, plate, box, and blanket looked as if it were popping out of the painting. The painting had a 3D look to it. The color of the pitcher was interesting to me as well. Parts of the pitcher were painted in a brighter color, making it look shiny as if you were looking at the pitcher in real life. The dark background makes the rest of the items on the canvas easier to see, and I also think it helps with the "3D" aspect it shows.
       The meaning of this painting, to me, is that Félix Vallotton was reflecting on his life while painting this picture. The reason why I feel this way is because of the title Still Life with Pitcher and Plate. It's as if the artist wanted to stop time and be still for a moment. This image with the pitcher, plate, box, and blanket seem to be items you'd use for a gathering with friends and family. I think I have a plate that looks like this at my house, and that's why I feel like these items could be used for a family or friend gathering. They are used for nice and formal events, and the artist wanted to capture this moment and "stop time."

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