Sunday, January 22, 2017


     I haven't put much thought into what play writers or movie makers go through to make sure their story makes sense. Play writers must visually imagine what the actor sees and what they think. Not only is this important in plays, but visual image is important while making a movie. Movies "go through the written stage, are visualized in the mind of the director, then physically reconstructed on set." Visualization is mandatory in order to write a successful play or to create a movie that makes sense. In every successful story, there is an image.
     Connecting this to real life situations, I personally tend to think in images and pictures. When I think about what classes I have on MWF I'll picture myself walking to class, where I sit, and which teacher I have. Another example is if I'm planning a trip to NYC, I'll imagine myself arriving at the train station, getting my ticket, getting onto the train, and meeting up with my friends. Images are important to my every day life. The author states, "even in reading the most technical scientific book or the most abstract book of philosophy, one can come across a phrase that unexpectedly stimulates the visual imagination." The visual image is something every human uses in their daily life.


  1. I was also astonished after reading the visibility chapter on what play writers must go through in order to create a movie. Personally I have never been a fan of fictional movies or books, but after reading visibility I became aware of the fascinating process that these artists must got through to produce their master pieces. Like you said, visual images are essential for every human, but what I find fascinating is how people can translate mental images into visuals that do not reflect our daily lives.

  2. I found your blog post to be pretty interesting because I think we had a lot of the same ideas. However, where we differ is I am not a visual person at all. When I think of my class schedule / the things that I have to do, I think back to my notes, what I've written in mt agenda, etc. to remember the things that I need to remember. I think its so cool how we all process and visualize things in such diffent ways, but yet we can still come to the same or similar conclusions about specific things